Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Play by play of our California adventure.

For some reason it will only let me do a few pictures per post, so here's our California trip (a few months ago)...It was SOOOO much fun!!! We went to Disneyland, Wild animal Park, the Aquarium at Long Beach, Rainforest Cafe, and much more!! Jackie adopted her new baby girl Maggie and we had a baby shower for them!! It was perfect!! The kids look forward to going to California EVERY time. Again....if only we could live there and see them everyday. There's nothing in the world like your own family!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dinosaur exhibit

Our passes were going to expire so we hit up the zoo. The Portland Zoo has a dinasaur exhibit this summer that rocks! The kids were a little weary of it but it was fun to see how big they were compared to little humans.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The snow, the beach, omsi and T-ball....

For those of you who don't know we are pregnant with #4, and expecting on Christmas Day!!!!!

This is Sterling playing his first game of T-ball. He did so good considering it's his first time on a team. His team name is the Indians. He loves it so much! His Great Grandpa (my Grandpa) was a professional baseball player for the Red Sox, so it's in his blood to love America's favorite pastime.

I was able to go on Sterling's first feild trip to Omsi. It was a blast. We got to play with fire, see a replica of a T-rex skeleton and play all sorts of games. I was so happy to spend quality time with him. It doesn't happen enough.

We rented a beach house with Marsh's brother and his family last weekend and had SO much fun. Our kids were AMAZING. They got a long well together and helped as much as they could to take care of their twin baby girls. Went by too quick. These are a few cheesy poses they did for me.

About a month ago we went to the snow with Marsh's sister and her family. It was COLD. The kids loved it though. They didn't care, they were happy to be together in the snow. They went sledding and Lucy and I built this snowman, and ofcourse Noelle is holding it's hand. It was fun. Our car couldn't make it up the hill, well we didn't try due to no 4 wheel drive or chains, (our other car had chains, just no heater!) So halfway through we had to pile in their car and drive together the rest of the way. We had fun though.